What you should have read last week

Staying current is hard any field is hard. Staying current in the world of marketing is impossible.

If you search for “marketing website” on Google, you’ll get over 3 billion results.


No one can keep up with that firehose of information.

But I try.

How about we do this instead?

How about I read a ton of marketing articles, watch a bunch of marketing videos, and then email the best 5 to 10 items to you? Let’s say I email you once a week. How’s that sound?

I read a lot of general digital marketing and a ton of content marketing articles. And there is definitely a good mix of other marketing formats in there – things like email marketing and social media marketing.

You’re not going to find get rich fast junk. No direct marketing (not that it’s bad). I certainly won’t cover anything black hat unless I warning you to avoid it.

I’ll email it to you on Monday. I just need your email address.



What you should have read last week is a weekly newsletter sharing the top 5 to 10 marketing articles from the previous week – just the things you should have read. 

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