2 big changes for Rust Belt Webworks

I started Rust Belt Webworks in 2015 with the idea that I would focus on small businesses and help bring their digital presences up to standard. I’ve had some success with that but not as much as I would like. I’ve had the privilege of working with manufacturers, entertainers, nonprofits, nonprofit consultants, coaches, tradesmen, photographers, marketers, and more. I even built a website for an art exhibit.

And that’s the problem. That’s why Rust Belt wasn’t as successful as it could have been. I helped all kinds of businesses and organizations. I marketed to all kinds of businesses and organizations.

Not only could it have done better, but it should have done better. I know that being a generalist pursuing a wide audience is less likely to have strong results than being more specific in both offerings and audience.

So here we are – over 4 years in – and I’m finally going to practice what I preach. I’m going to actively focus Rust Belt Webworks. And the focus is digital marketing for non-profit organizations. (Yes, I should narrow my focus even further. I’m working on that.)

Does that mean that I won’t help you if you’re a small for-profit business that needs help with your digital marketing and execution? That’s not what it means. I will absolutely help you. I love small business. The sun rises and sets because of small businesses. Send me a message. Set up a call. I’d love to talk to you. But this is possibly the last time I talk about you on the website.

Then what does it mean? It means that all of my advice, my thoughts, my examples, my phraseology – everything I do, say, or publish will be put through a lens to focus it on creating the most benefit for NPOs and NPO marketing. Much of it will still apply to small business marketing but I will not tailor it to them.

Looking forward to exploring this not-new-but narrower direction.


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