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WordPress Refresh

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Update your existing WordPress website

What do you do when your site is out of date but you’re not ready to scrap it and rebuild it from scratch?

What do you do if you’re not happy with your tactics’ result but aren’t ready for a new strategy?

Refresh your site instead of rebuilding it.

What does that even mean?

WordPress sites are built in pieces. Some pieces control functions like log in control or security. Some pieces control features like social media integration or newsletter signups. And some pieces control the appearance like fonts, colors, or even the layout.

A WordPress Refresh could include:

  • Making the site look more professional by
    • updating the style
    • updating the images
    • updating the layout
  • Adding functions
    • decreasing load times
    • increasing site security
  • Adding features
    • event management
    • email collection
  • Adding marketing tools / tactics
    • adding content upgrades
    • adding / automating Calls to Action
    • A/B testing for forms, CTAs, etc
    • “ad” placement and management

Flexibility is 1 of the best things about WordPress. You can pick the piece you want to work on and leave the rest of the site untouched.

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Turn your existing website into a WordPress website

Maybe your site was pretty powerful but it’s getting old. Or maybe you’re ready for more than a simple brochure-style website. Or maybe you’re ready to add some new tactics to your digital strategy.

But your site isn’t easy to update. It isn’t easy to redesign. And it certainly isn’t easy to add new functions or features.

I’m not going to list all the improvements that can be made. I’m going to focus on the benefits of switching to WordPress in general.

  1. WordPress is easy to use and there are tons of tutorials for everything.
  2. WordPress is designed for Search Engine Optimization.
  3. WordPress is designed to be flexible. Add what you need. Remove what you don’t.
  4. WordPress has built in access control. So if you need someone to be a writer, they can access to their work and nothing else. Or someone can have full editorial access but can’t touch anything that would “break” the site.
  5. WordPress integrates with other software like newsletter services, Google analytics, and many others.
  6. WordPress doesn’t require extra software. You won’t be tied to using software installed on that 1 computer. You can access everything from any computer that online.
  7. And if your site isn’t mobile responsive, that’s one of the upgrades that will be added when your site is translated into a WordPress theme.
  8. There’s even a plugin to create redirects so links to your old site go to the correct pages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Rust Belt Webworks can do that.

Click this link, say hi, and we’ll talk.

The only work Rust Belt Webworks does on non-WordPress sites is turn them into WordPress sites.

RBW does not build sites in HTML, Drupal, Joomla, or anything else except for WordPress.

Rust Belt Webworks would love to help you with your smaller WordPress.

We can help you with planning, adding to, and/or customizing your WordPress website.

Some examples of work done in the past.

  • Event management (event / gig calendar)
  • Email marketing planning and integration
  • Search engine optimization
  • Content strategy and planning
  • Social media integration

Click this link, say hi, and we’ll talk.

That’s a great question and there needs to be an article about it. Until that happens, here’s the short answer.

Think about it as car repair.

There are a zillion things you can do to a car to make it run better or look better. It’s still the same car.

Sometimes that’s good and sometimes that’s bad. A Mini Cooper Roadster is a Mini Cooper Roadster and a Chevy Tahoe is a Chevy Tahoe. Which 1 do you want if you have 2 kids? Which 1 do you want once those kids are out on their own?

Generally, a refresh is used when you want your site to keep doing what it’s doing, but it needs to do it better.

A full rebuild is needed when the goals for the website have changed or if the website has been patched and edited so much that it’s easier to start over.

You could “refresh” a Mini Cooper Roadster so 4 people could fit in it. But it would be easier, cheaper, and all-around better to buy a Tahoe.

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