Instagram Masterclass – What does great growth look like?

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Foundr Magazine published the results of a 2-month growth contest within Internet Domination – their premium Instagram course. I can’t help but feel that the author, Jonathan Chan, paints a dreary outlook for the program. Or maybe the free training is that good.

I’ll let the numbers speak for themselves.

And, no, I didn’t know they were doing a 2-month content when I started my experiment.

The Instagram Domination Top 10

David Hindin

Started with 1000 followers. Hit 10,000 followers in < 6 weeks.

10x in 8 weeks. That’s not to shabby.

Francesca Michaud

No numbers. 🙁

Where are the numbers, Jonathan? If they’re good, you should be shouting them out from the rooftops.

She’s at 27k now. I wonder where she started.

Paul Sidoriak

Grew by 1000 in 7 days and 11,000 in 8 weeks. No starting numbers given.

Might be solid improvement. He’s has almost 33k followers, so that is a sizeable bump. Hard to quantify without the details.

Katrina Kavvalos

Went from 979 followers to 15,000 in the 8 week period.

That’s more than my 8 week goal, but she started with more than I have after week 1.

Nal Patel

No numbers. She got up to 19k followers from……….

Daniel Clutterbuck

Grew account to 28,000 by the end of the 8 weeks. No starting number.

He has 38k now. Even if he had a head start, he’s still growing fast.

Neeko Mendoza

Went 0 to 5000 in under 3 months. The 2 month number was 3,000.

3k in 8 weeks? That’s top 10 material?

Kenneth Lee

Grew by 13,000 followers. No starting numbers (Says to post 3-4 times a day)

Lee has 24k followers now, so 13k is pretty big.

Beck Ray

Went from 100 to 77,000 in 6 months – 32,000-ish at 8 weeks

Whoa. Now that’s some serious movement. She’s at 90k today.

Scott Sind

Zero to 10k in 8 weeks.

Hmmm. That’s below my goal and I’m just using the free training.

The Top 10 vs The Internet Masterclass Experiment

Before the CTK account was disabled this morning, I was at 839 followers. A lot of this was due to the same brute force that contributed to the account getting shut down (hopefully temporarily).

But there also some days when I really didn’t do much like Valentine’s Day. So I’m comfortable using 825 for a realistic week 1 number. (825 is 839 rounded down to something easy to do math with.)

What’s 825 per week after 8 weeks? 6,600. Damn, I am (or was) moving towards a top 10 finish without spending $1400 on Instagram Domination.

And 6,600 should be a low estimate. Most of the week 1 numbers come from follow-for-follow tactics. But as you progress, your growing follower base should be attracting people on their own. You should uncover the best hashtags for your market. You should be spending more time in the popular section of those hashtags.

So what does good growth look like?

Good growth is growing growth. You can’t give this a 1 size fits all answer.

As long as your account grew more this month than it did last month, you’re on the right track.

I do think that 3k in 2 months is a bit low, but that may be all that market can support.

Is Instagram Domination worth the money?

And now the hard question.

If I had $1400 to put toward Instagram marketing, I would first spend it on the tools and services. Maybe put some money towards way-above-average photos or even buy a better camera.

If I did all that and still had $1400 to spend, I don’t know.

It’s too soon to tell. It really is. Will my more advanced strategies work out or am I completely wrong? Does Instagram Domination save you enough time to justify the price tag? Does Nathan Chan know magic numbers like the maximum number of people to follow in a day?


Jonathan Chan makes it hard to make conclusions since he doesn’t give consistent numbers.

Even so, some of the results are clearly outstanding. But some are surprisingly low.

I’ve been putting in a lot of time and effort and I’m no dummy. But am I so smart that I could get a top 10 score for the premium training without the training?

And it’s going to be hard to reach any conclusions until the CTK Instagram is reactivated. But I fully expect to be able to beat 3 of the top 10, maybe even 5 of them.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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