100 Twitter Followers in 7 Days – Summary

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Note: this summary is a compilation of several posts from a previous website originally posted in early 2016. The information has been gathered and distilled for easy consumption.


I found this article, How to Go from 1 to 100 Twitter Followers in 7 Days or Less by Tristan Barnum, on HubSpot. It’s a little old – published in October 2014. But HubSpot hasn’t replaced it or updated it. Plus it’s laid out in 13 neat steps. I wanted to see if it still worked.


Is Hubspot’s recipe for building your initial Twitter followers still good advice 18 months later?


Honestly, the advice isn’t that new. I’ve heard others mention parts of it for Twitter and Instagram. It will work. I’m more curious how well it will work.

I think I will exceed the target number of 100 Twitter followers in 7 days.

Let’s say 150 followers.


I will follow Tristan’s 13 steps and see where that gets me.

  1. The Twitter bio – be descriptive – be interesting – use a trackable link preferably pointing at a landing page. I’ll probably link to this post.
  2. Subscribe to hashtags – Hootsuite will be perfect for this.
  3. Retweet great posts – this is slightly misleading. She isn’t talking about retweet other tweets (although she makes reference to it). She’s talking about sharing great content.
  4. Retweet an article with your own tweet – a great exercise. The community has already “voted” that the shared content is good. Put your own spin on it.
  5. Share your own stuff – yup – talk about this more in scheduling
  6. Follow – follow people who’s stuff you want to retweet – follow people active on the hashtags you follow – follow 100 / day
  7. Follow back – follow anyone who follows you minus spammers
  8. Be authentic – be polite – be you
  9. Tweet a lot – she published 11 times a day – looking forward to testing HootSuite’s auto-scheduler
  10. Repeat yourself – repeat yourself
  11. Analyze what’s working – experiment and pay attention to your results. HootSuite’s scheduler should help with some of that… the “when” part of it at least
  12. Choose and use active hashtags – use 1 or 2 per tweet
  13. Say their name – nothing is as sweet as the sound of your own name.


The experiment started on February 12th, a Friday. I worked the plan over the weekend and here’s are the numbers on Monday.

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What’s there to say?

I was supposed to Tweet less and follow more. But I crushed the goal.

Looks like it works.

Let’s see how it looked after a week.

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The main conclusion is obvious: it works. It works like a champ.

If you need to grow your Twitter followers, follow the plan. It’s simple and effective.


Follow the list. It works.

Here are some specific tactics to add.

  • Pick a topic
  • Find lists on your topic
    • It’s full of stuff to retweet
    • It’s full of people to follow
  • Search for your topic with and without the hashtag
  • Pick 1 – 3 hashtags to focus on
    • I targeted #contentmarketing, but it’s often seen with #blog or #socialmedia
    • Every original post should use 1 or 2 hashtags
    • Every original post should use at least 1 of your primary hashtags
  • Post a lot
    • Tristan said post 11 times a day
    • I posted more than that
    • There’s a guy who posts every 8 minutes. Makes me want TweetJukebox.
    • Post as much as you can
  • Don’t post all at once
    • Yes, post a bunch.
    • No, don’t sit down and post 10 times.
    • Use Buffer (or something similar) to batch your work and still spread your posts throughout the day
  • Set a time limit
    • The more time you spend, the better results you’ll get
    • Until you’re attracting paying customers/clients from Twitter, time on Twitter is an investment in the future. Don’t forget to do the work you need to to keep the light on today

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!


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