Work History

Senior WordPress Developer (Response Mine Interactive)

  • Partnered with department heads and other leadership to develop and prioritize projects
  • Rearchitected key website sections for improved UX, performance, and usability
  • Optimized sites using best practices and innovative solutions to reduce load times by 50%
  • Created multiple tools/systems for the SEO content team leading to their improved efficiency
  • Created requirement monitor for pages with complex settings/prone to input error

Website Consultant and Developer (

  • Developed dozens of websites (built and/or rebuilt)
  • Maintained over 10 WordPress websites concurrently
  • Worked closely with clients to identify strategic goals and needs
  • Developed bespoke website designs, output, and functions using HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL
  • Created personalized proposals and contracts matching each prospect’s or client’s needs
  • Provided training and coaching to lay users and shareholders – I read code and speak human

Secondary History

Myriad Side Projects (self)

  • Experimented with many CMSs (all PHP-based) until settling on Joomla
  • Around 2007, switched focus to WordPress to avoid Joomla’s internal
  • Began designing themes because it was 2007 and that was the only real way to customize them
  • Built countless blogs, brochure sites, and podcast websites

Founder, coder, designer (

  • Designed and operated website through multiple iterations including several CMSs as well
    as custom DB-based solutions (PHP and MySQL)
  • Website peaked at around 280,000 monthly page loads
  • Developed and published the 1st online event calendar for local music in Columbus, Ohio

Additional Work

RSP Senior Administrator (F Co, Recruiting and Retention Battalion, Ohio Army National Guard (Active))

  • Managed administrative, logistical, and training requirements for over 400 full- and part-time
  • Ensured training

Multiple Postions (52nd Civil Support Team (WMD), Ohio Army National Guard (Active))

  • Maintained and operated a $2+ million mobile communication platform
  • System administrator for 2 SIPRNet workstations (the DoD’s classified version of the Internet)
  • Optimized decontamination process, reducing monitoring time by more than 50%
  • Evaluated and updated unit operating guidelines resulting in life-saving changes

Select Projects

This website (self)

Chose the CMS approach over plain HTML to make it easier to restyle/upgrade in the future. Plus it’s something for Github.

Key features:

  • Work history entries and projects are each their own post type.
  • “Skills” is a custom taxonomy shared by both CPTs. A work-history-only taxonomy is used to sort the entries into different groups.
  • Neither of the CPTs uses the default editor. All data is entered into ACF-powered fields. Even the contact links were added via ACF fields (an options page).
  • The front end is a non-fluid responsive design that leans heavily on grids.

View the theme files on Github
View the plugin files on Github

CSS, Debugging, HTML, PHP, SCSS/SASS, WordPress

Custom data importer (employer)

Created a custom data importer so the SEO/Content team to import programmatic SEO data. Doesn’t sound too hard except that 2 dev agencies tried to build this and failed.

Key features:

  • Cleans, filters, and standardizes incoming data
  • Creates 2 related posts (per row of data) using a non-extensible 3rd party plugin and custom functions
  • Updates custom table

Website redesign & rebuild (The Podglomerate)


Key features:

  • Created custom post types for the shows and episodes – separate but related.
  • Episode posts are automatically created from data fetched from Spotify via API.
  • Show posts are a mix of post data and custom data which is shared with its episodes.
  • I did the majority of the general design. Another designer created the hero design which I implemented.
CSS, HTML, PHP, REST APIs, Schema/Structured Data, Technical SEO